londonize store

have you ever dreamed to have a clothe from London ? but you can’t go to London?
will here is a good news  for you ,from now on yes you can , with  londonize me online store the dreams come true 

londonize me is an online store base in Dubai , their store have the unique and hottest London designers products such as dresses ,tees, accessories  and lot’s more 
so let’s see some of there awesome products that i really love and want it soo badly 

i gonna be dead for that bottom 

love this tee so bad 

 lace love ❤

this one is so hot from top to the bottom  


 cute and unique nicklos 

rings that i love 
finally some of there products in there fashion show in 3th of October  at Armani prive, Burj Khalifa Dubai

awww i wish i was there ,anyway 
go and get it girls right now they ship it for you whenever you are in middle east or out of it 
click here and have free lovely Londonize look 
also like their page in FB and follow them in twitter 


Author: alaasblog

Alaasaeed ♑️like Octopus addicted to bags & blogging-graphic designer,Readier,new photographer& founder @alaasparks Jeddah 📩

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