Alaa’s sparks

Hi everyone 
Alaa’s sparks it’s a Saudi local brand that made in jeddah city  done by me.
as you know i’m graphic designer so i  start thinking that i have to do something good with my own designs
so i  creating a notebooks that gather 
little bit of fashion and cute stuff that we are
the girls like  
and this is my first limited edition collocation
so you may will note see them anymore.
1- VOGUE notebook\
my inspiration about vogue are endless so 
i create that notebook 
2-Cupcake notebook\
i love cupcake spicily i love them when i drink
some tea and that’s way i do my own dreamy 
sparkling cupcake 
3- LOVE BEAR notebook\
i love teddy bears so bad and the kind of toys  just like a kids lol , i hope that i can make my own teddy bear get alive
4-A sound mind in sound body notebook\
just remind you about your health and take care about your study and that’s way i do this one   
we are now working in our first collocation 
so if you have any suggestions about the designs of the notebook
or would like to see more products just let me know about it 
contact me at \
at the end i hope you like the photos taken by the lovely my friend 
Asma Al-hamed thank you so much ❤
and don’t forget to like and follow us 
we have a sparkling gift for our winner who’s 
following us in twitter  he or she gonna be known
after 6 days later good luck

Author: alaasblog

Alaasaeed ♑️like Octopus addicted to bags & blogging-graphic designer,Readier,new photographer& founder @alaasparks Jeddah 📩

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