TAG,you’er it

Hi ,
so our fashion blogger friends Jude from (Flourish jude) & wafa from (the artistic hands)
tagged me on (TAG,you’er it)
the tag is like\
-choose 11 blogs to answer it 
-mention the blog who’s tagging you
so let’s answer the questions that jude sit first
 1)why do you blog ?
because it’s my passion 😉 
2)whats your all time fav nail polish ?
3) who is your role model? other than the prophet ‘ peace be upon him ‘ and your mom xD
Al-anoud bader
4)any phobias ?
5) how do you deal with negativity and gossiping?
6)2012 fav product ?
7) what is the meaning of success to you ?
accomplishing a goal that you dreamed about from a long time 
8) What do you do for a living?
i do so many thinks but the moste important is\
-get ready for my graduation from the university 
-focus on my Alaa sparks project 
9) do you take blogging as a serious thing or more like fun?
10) fav blog/ger ?
11) best 2012 memory ?
when i moved from my general blog and opened the fashion blog 

now let’s answer the questions that wafa sit
 – What’s your favorite quote?east or west home is best – One electronic device you can’t live without?
my baby green laptop 
– Bright or nude lips? 
nude lips 
– Your favorite shoes brand?
christian loupitan 
– What would you do if you had a million riyals?
open my Alaa sparks company – What do you order from Starbucks?
i don’t like Starbucks 
– Something you wish its not forbidden in Islam?
traveling without a man – What’s the most expensive gift you’ve ever received from someone? and given to someone?
from someone\ my ipad and mobila also my laptop and my new bag
from my mom
to someone\ a watch to my lovely uncle 

– Do you believe in zodiac? ( I do! tell me what’s your sun sign so I can judge you lol)
no, but i’m a Capricorn  – Has a song ever made you cry? If yes, which one?
– Your favorite skincare tip?


so i must be sit questions and they are\
1-what’s your best perfume product?
2-do you like shoes or bags?
3-what’s you favorite local Saudi brand?
4-one celebrity you wish to meet?
5-your best mascara ?
6-what’s the most think you do and you regret about?
7-if someone let you to be a manger for a fashion brand what do you chose 
Chanel or H&M?
8-your best place to spend your summer vacation in?
9-are you emotional girl or funny one in your friends group? XD (i’m funny)
10-Arabic or English songs? 
11-your most bright plan for your future?

i chose \
lol sorry but all the fashion  bloggers are been taken XD


Author: alaasblog

Alaasaeed ♑️like Octopus addicted to bags & blogging-graphic designer,Readier,new photographer& founder @alaasparks Jeddah 📩Alaasblog@hotmail.com

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