The Reemami’s hot pants

Hi lovely readers..
before 1 week ago i spotted a lovely pants wore by so celebrity and fashion blogger also a models  , but i didn’t know the designer of those lovely pants, likely a follow an amazing boutique called “Cream Jeddah” then i saw the same pants again i was happy to know the designer and sad because i can’t get those pants because i’m in the dorm as always,however let’s give you some information about it.
reema began a girl who was borne and raised at the UAE she’s a graphic designer then she toke a course of Fashion 2 years in french fashion university in Dubai ,her brand identify her love for creativity

Diala Makki _ ديالا مكي, Entertainment presenter, Producer of a fashion and lifestyle show 
Lailli Mirza, 16, Freelance stylist and fashion blogger PintsizedFashionista
Louisa Northcote, 16, Model/ 

i’m really in love with combination with the lase and the colors of the pants
and it’s fit everyday look , i hope i can get one of it 
to know much more and see  Reemami rest designs just click here

Author: alaasblog

Alaasaeed ♑️like Octopus addicted to bags & blogging-graphic designer,Readier,new photographer& founder @alaasparks Jeddah 📩

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