Ta Marbota new Collection: Patterns Mania

Hi fashionista
Today i wanna talk about a fabulous Saudi local brand named : Ta Marbota , a unique abayas designed by the talented and the owner Rawan Azhar.
Lately she had an event of her new collocation named : Patterns Mania on Tashkeil in jeddah , and as you’ll see the hole collocation having different patterns with black and white color , personally i get in love with this abaya it’s unique and simple , as you can see there is a headband matching the abaya pattern so if you go to some place and you don’t wanna take of your  abaya you can be a fashionista with the abaya only , and i guess that’s what’s make me to fall in love  with the collocation and add it to my wishlist and you will too.
so let’s see some of other pics\

So what do you think ? i’m sure that you gonna love it as much as i do 
finally to see the other collocation and order it or wanna any iformation about it
kindly follow Ta Marbota here , also like her Facebook page here
see you soon xx


Author: alaasblog

Alaasaeed ♑️like Octopus addicted to bags & blogging-graphic designer,Readier,new photographer& founder @alaasparks Jeddah 📩Alaasblog@hotmail.com

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